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Publishing Your Paper

  • Assessing Open Access Journals: A Full Guide

    An increasing number of scholars want to publish in open access journals. There are clear benefits to publishing under an open access model, such as wider dissemination and better visibility. However, open access publishing presents some pitfalls. This practical guide helps you to navigate the world of open access publishing and publish your papers in reputable open access journals.

  • Journal Quality Checklist

    Compare the journal you are considering submitting your research to against this short checklist. The list has two sections: the first section is applicable to open access journals only. The second section is applicable to all journals. The more items you can tick off on this list, generally, the better the journal.

  • Using Content Discovery as the Starting Point for your Publishing Strategy

    Based on insights from a recent study on content discovery, this resource details five strategies to help you effectively publish and distribute your research.

  • Peer-Review Primer

    This resource provides an introduction to and overview of peer-review, the basics of how peer-review and decision making is conducted by journals, and the nuances of different peer-review models.