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English Editing

English editing is included in all our editing packages. Our experienced English editors, all of whom are native English-speaking, will carefully proofread your manuscript. Our service includes all necessary orthographic corrections, such as spelling, grammar, punctuation, capitalization and emphasis. We will also make extensive stylistic improvements to your document, such as rewriting long sentences and improving sentence structure for clarity and readability. Your paper will be double-checked by at least one other editor to ensure it meets the highest publication standards.

Editing Sample: Standard Package

Copy Editing

Copy editing is included in the Plus Package and the Premium Package. In addition to English editing, we will copy edit and correct the style and format of your manuscript according to the specifications of your target journal. Alternatively, you may provide your own specifications to the copy editor. Typically, copy editing includes formatting the manuscript according to a journal’s template, standardizing the writing in American or British English, and standardizing units according to the metric or imperial system. Our simple online platform enables you to easily provide the details of your target journal, along with any other instructions you may have for the copy editor.

Editing Sample: Plus Package

Reference Check

A reference check is included in the Premium Package. In addition to English editing and copy editing, we will review and correct each reference you have provided in your manuscript and format them according to your target journal's specifications. Alternatively, you can provide your own detailed instructions on how you would like to have your references formatted.

Editing Sample: Premium Package (APA Style)

Publication Support

Publication support is included in the Premium Package. Our team of editing and publishing specialists will support you throughout the submission and publishing process, from choosing the right journal, helping you to draft a cover letter for the submission of your manuscript, to responding to reviewers after revisions. Our simple platform enables you to track your manuscript’s progress each step of the way, and our online messaging tool allows you to communicate directly with our team who are there to provide fast support.



Each document is reviewed by a second editor to ensure it meets the highest publication standards.

Guaranteed Quality

We guarantee that manuscripts will not be rejected due to language problems.

Editing Certificate

Each document will receive an Ediqo editing certificate.

Free Trial

Send your manuscript to , and we will edit the first page for free without any obligation.