EDIQO Editing Plattform Launches Japanese Website



Swiss online academic English editing platform, Ediqo LLC, was today launched in Japan to assist Japanese scientists seeking to publish their research in leading English-language journals.

Ediqo’s new Japanese platform has been launched at www.ediqo.jp, and will offer the company’s full range of services including English editing, copy editing, formatting and publication support.

The Ediqo.jp website is available in the Japanese language while customers can pay in Japanese Yen.

“Japanese scientists have continuously produced outstanding research over the past decades,” Ediqo’s Managing Director Dietrich Rordorf said.

“As such, there is a great need for high quality, cost-effective and fast editing services for research papers coming out of Japanese universities.

“We are committed to assisting our customers through each step of the publishing process to ensure they can get their research published sooner, no matter what their native language is.”

The company’s team of editors are native English speakers from leading universities, and many are PhD-qualified.

About Ediqo

Ediqo is a Swiss-based company managed by publishing, communications and IT specialists that offers high quality professional editing and publishing services. Ediqo’s innovative web platform links experienced English and copy editors around the world with scholars and scientists seeking to publish their work in high profile journals. Ediqo was founded in recognition of the need for more efficient and cost-effective academic editing services, harnessing state-of-the-art information and communications technology.




スイスのオンライン学術編集プラットフォーム、Ediqo LLCは、本日付けで、主要な英語版学術雑誌での論文発表を目指す日本人の学者を支援するサイトを立ち上げました。



「日本の学者たちは過去数十年にわたり目覚ましい研究成果を生み出してきた」とEdiqoのマネージング・ディレクターであるDietrich Rordorf (ディートリッヒ・ラードルフ) は言っています。







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